Re: "See" and "Utilize"

Subject: Re: "See" and "Utilize"
From: David Ibbetson <ibbetson -at- IDIRECT -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 1996 06:27:41 -0500

Katherine Pyle writes, starting with a quote:

>> If I see the word "see" used ONE MORE TIME in documentation to reference
>> another document I'm gonna lose my lunch! We "see" with our eyes. We
>> "refer" to a document.....

On the other hand, I feel like SCREAMING every time I see a manual that
tells the reader to "refer to page ###" or "refer to Blankety blank manual"
because, to me, that usage is WRONG.

Why? Because of what I find when I look up the synonyms for "refer" and
"see" in a thesaurus, and what happens if I drop these synonyms or related
words into the sentence in question.

"REFER: (1) ascribe; (2) call or direct attention to something ["no one ever
refered to his divorce"]. synonyms: advert, allude, bring up, point out.
related words: insert, intertpolate, introduce, cite, quote, instance,
mention, name, specify, glance, touch"

"SEE: (1) to take cognizance of by physical or mental vision [he saw that
the boat was being driven ashore]; (2) to perceive something by means of the
synonyms: behold, note, notice, obseve, view, (etc.)
related: examine, inspect, scan, scrutinize, consider, study, appraise,
oponder, (etc.)
(other, additional meanings, synonyms, and related words omitted here)"

I definately don't want the reader to cite, or allude to, or glance at the
named page or section; I want them to view, examine, and ponder it!!
----------------end of quote-----------------------------------

The Latin v is shorter even if it's written with a stop. e.g.
v. Enc. Britt. p 99,999

It will be readily understood by many people whose first language isn't English.

David (seen to be an idiot) Ibbetson


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