Re: Moving Target , Part 2

Subject: Re: Moving Target , Part 2
From: Eric -dot- Ray -at- WCOM -dot- COM
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 1996 10:51:49 PST

Interesting that Karen should post that today--I'm currently
taking a break from a screen stroll to find the changes and
"improvements" in the Project from Hell. (Not the most
recent crisis--a different one).

I'm having a horrible time getting to the screens because
the development environment database is hosed. We've got
nothing resembling production data (internally inconsistent,
etc) and I've spent 4 hours trying to get to one screen. I
type in what should work and I get bizzare data-type errors.
E.g. that customer code isn't authorized to do this.

How many of you have dedicated Training/Documentation
databases for your development projects? We've got a QA
database, a couple of development databases, and the future
production database, which we're using for training.
After implementation, our training database will vanish
and we'll be trying to share with either QA or development.

Obviously, either sharing solution isn't ideal for documentation
and is completely untenable for training (can't you just see
the developers experimenting during a class? :-( .

What do the rest of you do on doc projects--do they set up a
database for you? Who maintains and loads it? Who fixes it?


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