Context Help - Freeware

Subject: Context Help - Freeware
From: Ed Bacher <evbacher -at- LANDSLIDE -dot- OPENIX -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 1996 20:54:52 GMT

I've posted a new context checking program, Context
Help, to the Gmutant and Onyx Graphics ftp sites.
It's also on my web page:

Context Help is similar to Great Help, but the user
interface is more flexible.

New Features:
-16-bit program (runs under Win3.x or Win95)
-Resizable window
-Find capability (search for text in header file)
-Moveable tabs (for those with long context strings)

If you use hex context numbers, hang on to Great Help
(Context Help wants decimal context numbers).

Gmutant ftp site:

Onyx Graphics ftp site:

Ed Bacher
evbacher -at- openix -dot- com

from the readme file...


Context Help is freeware for testing context-sensitive help files.
Context Help reads a header file (C-style), whose lines are of the form:

#define context_string<TAB>context_number

where <TAB> is the tab character, and context_number is an integer, e.g.,

#define this_is_a_context_string_that_is_pretty_long 3456

What Context Help is actually looking for is the <TAB>context_number
sequence, so if you have defined context-sensitive links in your .hpj
file, all you really need to do is to make sure you've got <TAB>s
between the context_strings and the context_numbers in the [MAP]
section of your .hpj file. You can open up the .hpj file in Context
Help and scroll down to the [MAP] section or just search for the
context string or number you're interested in.

Context Help is a 16-bit application, written and tested on Windows for
Workgroups 3.11, with winhelp.exe. It also works on WinHelp 3 files
running under Windows 95. We haven't tested it on WinHelp 4.0 files yet.


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