re.: tech writing in Europe

Subject: re.: tech writing in Europe
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 04:47:10 EST

>>David Ibbetson said:
A check on where your ancestors, especially your male ancestors, came
from could also be useful. Each EU country has kept its own
nationality laws.<<

>>Peter Kent said:
I don't think a work permit in one nation of the EEC helps you in
another, by the way. Each has its own work-permit system.<<

David, in Ireland, the mother (or grandmother) counts too...

Peter, if you prove citizenship of one EU country, you are legally
entitled to work in ANY EU country.

Note though, that some countries (e.g. Germany and I think U.S.)
insist that you hold only sole citizenship, others (e.g. Canada,
Ireland) allow dual or more.

Re TW in Europe, it's pretty healthy right now. There were lots of
busy TWs at the Forum 95 conference in Dortmund last November. Here in
Ireland it's hopping as many software companies are located here, and
the market doesn't supply too many experienced TWs right now.

Re UK, try Kudos*, they also have an office in Ireland**. Someone
asked about Austria too, I think, try Coca Cola there: they have a
small group of tech writers headed by an American woman. A bit vague,
I know, but how hard can it be to find their address? <remember
Austria is not part of the EU, by the way>.

Fionnuala Broughan
fb -at- pointdublin -dot- ccmail -dot- compuserve -dot- com

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