CLARIFICATION re: "True aliveness"

Subject: CLARIFICATION re: "True aliveness"
From: Kat Nagel/MasterWork <katnagel -at- EZNET -dot- NET>
Date: Thu, 29 Feb 1996 08:50:14 -0400

Apparently my wail was misinterpreted. Several people have sent email
messages (some very polite, and some angry) castigating me for complaining
about the web author's philosophical position.

I was NOT objecting to the philosophy expressed in the passage I quoted. I
believe that one of the GOOD things about the growth of the web is that
folks CAN express their beliefs and opinions in a non-invasive way.

I WAS objecting to the incredibly inept use of language. I struggled
through several screens of illogical, ungrammatical, mispelled and
mis-punctuated mush, which translated to two sentences: "The world is an
unpredictable place. Buy our books and tapes." But it took me a looong
time to figure that out.

As I delve more deeply into the wealth of material available on the
Internet, I'm becoming more and more irritated with sites like this one.
They obscure their own messages by butchering a beautiful language. As I
replied to several correspondents:

In a just universe, people who write stuff like that would either:
1. have the intelligence and courtesy to hire an editor,
2. self-destruct before they were tall enough to reach a keyboard.

I didn't save the URL. For those of you who want to see the whole wretched
thing, you can do an Infoseek or Alta Vista search on FUZZY CRITTER
STUDIOS. The first few hits should get you to one of their web pages. The
worst gobbldygook is on the page titled (something like) "The Tao of Gray
Matter." The graphics are interesting, and some of the product titles are
quite intriguing. If I were sure that they weren't written by the web
author, I might be tempted...

@Kat_____ Kat Nagel
MasterWork Consulting Services Rochester, NY
LIFE1 (techwriting/docdesign) katnagel -at- eznet -dot- net
LIFE2 (vocal chamber music) PlaynSong -at- aol -dot- com

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