Re: Workplace Enviornment /Changing Jobs

Subject: Re: Workplace Enviornment /Changing Jobs
From: Eric Ray <ejray -at- IONET -dot- NET>
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 1996 06:07:25 PST

--- On Mon, 1 Apr 1996 21:56:12 -0800 "Daniel E. Wise" <dewise -at- IX -dot- NETCOM -dot- COM>
>If we are in a position to pick and choose jobs today on the basis of
>working conditions, rejoice. This means that TC is coming of age in
>some companies. Unfortunately, for far too few of us this is true.

Of course we're in a position to pick and choose--we just pick and choose
WHAT we pick and choose. For some at some times, it's stability.
For other people or other times, it's something else. Not to sound
like Ayn Rand, but we DO have some control--we each make the decisions
about what in our work environment we choose to keep or change.

... which is as good a time as any to announce that I've left my
job to venture out into the contracting/consulting world. My wife
and I just finished co-authoring the HTML for Dummies Quick
Reference (IDG Books aka Dummies Press) and we have signed contracts
for two more books. I'll be pounding the pavement locally
as well as looking for technical communication contracts via
telecommute. Starting a new business suggestions, contract
leads, war stories or similar would be welcome.

While this opportunity would have pulled me away from all but
the greatest working conditions, I have to say that factors like
* the home office with windows vs. a 110 x 70 meter
(yes, 95,000 square feet) rat maze (it's a good thing I'm
taller than the cube walls) or
* being able to reset my own video resolution or redirect my
own printer in Windows vs. having to call internal tech support
because it's locked down by the LAN group
_DO_ make a difference in my personal job satisfaction.

Hope all is well with all of you--I hope to be less of a cranky
hermit and more of an active participant over the next few


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