Re: Interleaf and CTS (long)

Subject: Re: Interleaf and CTS (long)
From: David Jones/KSBEISD <David_Jones/KSBEISD -dot- KSBEISD -at- DATAHUB -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 1996 11:48:47 HST

Not exactly connected with Sue's otherwise excellent treatise on keyboard
shortcuts, but there *are* Windows programs that do not recognize the standard
Windows keyboard shortcuts, e.g., CorelDraw 3 recognizes only the Windows 3.0
shortcuts (the infamous Ctrl-Inst, Shift-Inst, etc.) When editing text,
pressing any Shift-Cursor key switches you out of text editing mode. I've also
hit some programs (not CD3) that had dialog box items with neither alt-key
accelerator or ability to tab to the item -- you *have* to use the mouse.

But then, I've done entire productive workdays without even touching the
pointing device (a Wacom graphics tablet.) I mostly work with words, and prefer
keeping the fingers on the keyboard!

David Jones, Technical Writer
David_Jones/KSBEISD -dot- KSBEISD -at- Datahub -dot- com
Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estate

"I do not speak for my employer, my computer, or any other living thing."

>From: sgallagher @ EXPERSOFT.COM ("Susan W. Gallagher") @ Internet @ DATAHUB
Date: 04/03/96 01:28:25 PM
Subject: Re: Interleaf and CTS (long)

Actually, Charles, the keyboard equivalents are still there and they
still work -- and they're pretty much the same for all software that
runs on the Windows platform. Ctrl+ arrows still moves the cursor to
the next word. Add shift to highlight as you go. Even works in your
e-mail app. Windows is much friendlier than the Mac in this respect.<

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