Frame Wish List reposted

Subject: Frame Wish List reposted
From: Tony Rocco <tony_rocco -at- NAVIS -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 1996 10:20:05 U

This time for real.

<<<<<< Attached TEXT file named "Frame Wish" follows >>>>>>
File Compatibility
Ability to open MacWrite files
Improved HTML support - none of this HTML-Lite crap.
Add HTML templates.
Allow program to read MS Word files that contain tables.
A macro recorder.
Easy-to-use macro language
Easy-to-learn and use, but sophisticated macro language, comparable to

General Features
An outline viewing mode
A global search and replace for page breaks
Enhanced graphic tools.
The ability to tile oversize docs when printing to a standard (8.5" x 11")

Add spreadsheet functionality to the table generator
Functions that should already be part of the Table Generator and are needed
right away are:
a. Column and Row Summation
b. Row numbering
c. Sort
Make table cells span multiple pages. Presently, large cells do not span
pages, they fall off the end of the page. The cells do not continue onto
subsequent pages.
A multi-level, nested sort function for data in tables
Allow paste of MS Word tables wholesale
Improve table-handling in general.
Allow program to read MS Word files that contain tables

Ease of Use
The ability to find and change in all chapters of a book at once
The ability to spell check an entire book at once
Customizable toolbars (like those in WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows)
Better utility for assigning keystrokes to styles.
Better dialog box for "Page Setup." FrameMaker should have a dialog box like
Word and PageMaker have where you can easily set up and modify the document
characteristics, such as facing pages, margins,paper size, etc.
Mouse shortcuts that use the right (or secondary) mouse button
The redraw in Frame 5 on Windows for Workgroups is lousy. Often when I modify
my docs, I have to scroll up and down to get rid of the "ghost" text and
images from before the modification.
On the Macintosh, a normal Windows menu for selecting open documents
The ability to put conditional text tags on a palette like other tags
A Repeat command as in Microsoft Word that allows you to repeat the last
sequence of commands or settings
Support for incremental saves. Long docs take too long to save.

List of third party FrameMaker tools (macros and scripts, templates).

I get random crashes of Frame on my machine, which Frame Support suggests is
Windows 32s's fault, but I say if crashes happen, the application needs work.
It's the software developers' responsibility to ensure that the application
works on _whatever_ OS the application is sold with,period. Why should I have
to call my MIS people and get them to waste time complying with all the
configuration issues outlined in those lengthy "troubleshooting" faxes?
Eliminate the problem with tables overlapping text
Warning when application is starting to run out of memory instead of just
suddenly quitting when it does

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