Re: Message Confirmation?? Sorry, Guy!

Subject: Re: Message Confirmation?? Sorry, Guy!
From: Garret Romaine <GRomaine -at- MSMAIL -dot- RADISYS -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 1996 15:53:00 PDT

Um, Guy fired back thusly:

>Well well well..... looks like it's back to the CENSORED shadows for me.
> Instead of looking at the *idea*, the examination of a few letters that
>form a (OHMIGAWD)... *cuss word* became important !!! <HA!!>

Heh, heh. Okay, I admit it, I poked a stick in Guy's cage just for the sheer
fun of it.

What it did, and the real point, is look how fast this stuff flew back and
forth. No, I'm not condoning starting, or prolonging, flame wars. But the
speed is the thing. To me, that's the excellent part of this list. If Eric
has to pass judgment on each message, the list is going to lose an 'edge'
that keeps it strong.

Then Guy tried to bait *me* (gasp):

>Too bad... but par for this list. <SNIP> Pardon my "potty mouth" Garret...
>next time ask me if I *care what you think* about my choice of words. Your
>open speech on "Guy's potty talk" deserved a quick response about "Garret's


Guy, you can use the real thing instead of symbols and acronyms any time you
want. I'm still scratching my head over the TILLAGE thing, anyway. Is there
an 'L' missing?

Judging by the smile in your e-mail, I *think* you took it in the spirit it
was intended. If not, I'll be *your* straight man some day. I really just
wanted to show how fast things work on the list when it is unmeditated.

Garret Romaine
gromaine -at- radisys -dot- com

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