Re: Message Confirmation??

Subject: Re: Message Confirmation??
From: Dan Glovier <dan -at- COYOTE -dot- TSH -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 1996 18:01:46 -0600

The Gods overheard Guy McDonald state:
>>Maybe I was just put off by Guy's potty-talk, <snip>
>Garret Romaine
>gromaine -at- radisys -dot- com
>Well well well..... looks like it's back to the CENSORED shadows for me.
> Instead of looking at the *idea*, the examination of a few letters that
>form a (OHMIGAWD)... *cuss word* became important !!! <HA!!>

>Too bad... but par for this list. Reminds me of last year when we saw the
>rash of Pronoun Patrol maniacs attacking anyone who posted a dangling
>participle or mizzzspelled word. Pardon my "potty mouth" Garret... but
>next time ask me if I *care what you think* about my choice of words. Your
>open speech on "Guy's potty talk" deserved a quick response about "Garret's
>intolerance". The next time I will throw in a few *&% symbols with a
>couple of platitudes to ease your sensitive ears. Reminds me of something
>a fellow Seattle writer once shared with me: "DILIGAF" <=== and if you
>can't figure that out... don't bother asking me. ,-)

I don't know about the rest of you, but I find Guy's intolerance of
Garret's intolerance intolerable. (If you kids wanna throw stones,
please take it off-list.)

ObTWL: I think that the message confirmation thingy will only create
more clutter and delays for the folks on the list. This added
hassle, IMHO, is not worth the "locking out" of these fake messages.

Anyhoo, I think we have avoided any flame baits and misquotes rather

Take care,
Dan Glovier
dglovier -at- tsh -dot- com

BTW, Guy, it's DILLIGAF.

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