Re: List delays

Subject: Re: List delays
From: Guy McDonald <guym -at- DAKA -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 14:12:50 -0700

>On the other hand, the message I sent this morning on Windows terminology
took 54 minutes.

R. Wollt
rcw1 -at- rsvl -dot- unisys -dot- com
yes. everyone's right. richard m., sue g., bev p., (& the rest too). we
all are subject to the whims of internet traffic at any given moment.
Grant, Kent, Bob and I were able to carry on a quick dialogue yesterday...
which was a fun excercise in several areas (propaganda, miscommunication,
getting along with others, having a sense of humor).

though it's my experience that the OKState techwr-l server (and all servers
in between) tend to delay the messages a few hours. this appears the rule
and not the exception. lately we all have seen a blessing with the quick
turn-around time.

nuff said. thanks to everyone for the excited messages. i still get a
kick out of how some of you folk are so damn predictible. oh, not to
mention the spellcheckers out there <HA!> once a editor, always a
editor.... have to love you all no matter what. reminds me of my kids
sometimes. (responding to my vocabulary ,-) C'ya 'round the block...

Guy McDonald
guym -at- daka -dot- com

|Just as an example, the message I just sent on the information mapping
|seminar took exactly 2 minutes and 40 seconds to get back to me. Ain't
|modern technology grand?

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