Re: For Writers Who Travel with Laptops

Subject: Re: For Writers Who Travel with Laptops
From: Bill Bledsoe <bill -at- ENVISION -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996 08:25:33 -0500

Catherine, List,

Very interesting. Although one thing bothered me about this story: The
person put their laptop throught the X-ray machine? I learned a long time
ago that magnetic storage devices and X-rays do not get along. I will
NEVER put my laptop through the x-ray machine. Too many EMF's to
mucky-muck my hard disk and memory thank you very much.

Security at any airport will gladly hold the laptop for you (I qualify by
saying "at least in the US") while you go through the metal detector. They
will then ask you to boot your machine. Once booted, you are free to be on
your way. The couple of extra minutes this process takes pale in
comparison to the time you could spend rebuilding your entire laptop (data
and all).

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Subject: For Writers Who Travel with Laptops


If you travel with a laptop, you may want to read the following message.

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Subject: Laptop/Travel Advisory

A friendly bulletin passed on by a business associate of mine...


We've recently learned of a hustle that's being employed at airports
all across the country to steal laptop computers. It involves two
persons who look for a victim carrying a laptop and approaching a
metal detector.They position themselves in front of the unsuspecting
passenger. They stall until the mark puts the laptop computer on the
conveyor belt. Then the first subject moves through the metal
detector easily. The second subject sets off the detector and begins
a slow process of emptying pockets, removing jewelry, etc. While this
is happening, the first subject takes the laptop as soon as it appears
on the conveyor belt and moves away quickly. When the passenger
finally gets through the metal detector, the laptop is gone. The
subject that picks it up heads into the gate area and disappears among
the crowd. Sometimes a third subject will take a hand off from the
first subject and the computer is out of the restricted area before
the mark even knows that it is gone.

This is becoming a widely practiced problem and is happening at
airports everywhere. When traveling with a laptop computer, try to
avoid lines to enter a metal detector when possible. When you can't
do that, delay putting your luggage and laptop on the conveyor belt
until you are sure that you will be the next person through the metal
detector. As you move through the metal detector, keep your eyes on
the conveyor belt and watch for your luggage and laptop to come
through, as well as watching for what those in front of you are
picking up.

Karin Welss kwelss -at- us -dot- oracle -dot- com
Senior Technical Writer HP Products Division
Oracle Corporation (415) 506-2925
"Make it idiot-proof and someone will make a better idiot." -- Anon

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