Re: Word and page numbers

Subject: Re: Word and page numbers
From: Dianne Martin <dianne -at- ACADSOFT -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996 09:16:17 CST

------On Mon, 8 Apr 1996 14:01:31 -0500 you wrote:------

>From: "Mary D. Lee" <creative -at- UNICOM -dot- NET>
>Subject: Word 6.0 Master Document Page Numbers

>I'm new to Email and this is my first message to the tech writers, so
>please be patient.

>I'm writing a user guide in Word 6.0. Each chapter is a subdocument
>in a master document. This is the first time I've tried a master
>document. I'm forced to do it now in order to have a maintainable
>index. Here's my problem. Every once in a while, word uses a roman
>numeral for the page number rather than the appropriate chapter number
>and page number. Usually, this appears on the odd page between
>chapters, but sometimes it happens on the last page of a chapter.
>Also, near the end of the user guide, the blank odd pages are printing
>portrait rather than the established landscape format. If I print
>preview the page number sometimes appears correctly, but still prints
>the roman numberal.

>I've used Word's automatically numbered chapters in order to have
>chapter numbers in my TOC and Index.

>Any ideas on how to make this work as it should or will I be forced to
>jerry-rig it?

>Thanks for your help.



Dear Mary,

I have had the same problem with both Word and WordPerfect. The best
I have been able to determine, is that the Master Document page
styles and number styles differ from your 'real' manual. In between
each sub-document, Word automatically creates one to two blank lines
in the Master document, usually in the style, Normal. You can best
see this in Master Document View mode. What I did, was remove those
extra pages when I was completely done with the writing/layout.
Then, re-index and re-TOC. This took care of it for me.

Good Luck!
dianne -at- acadsoft -dot- com

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