Subject: THANKS!
From: Sheldon Siegel <sheldon -dot- siegel -at- ATTWS -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 1996 14:52:00 PDT

THANKS! to everyone who contributed to my HTML Editor inquiries! I really
appreciate the many thoughtful and timely responses I received.

In case you're interested, here's the body of the resulting post I sent to
my mgr, who requested the information in the first place:

>>I perused the Web for HTML editors reviews (at the magazine sites), and
polled >>the techwriters and winhelp mailing lists. The opinions were all
over the board, but I >>caught enough of a trend to go ahead and send you
the following >>recommendations:

>>Internet Assistant: NO.

>>Although several people thought it was a good tool, most did not. The most
>>common criticisms were that it only supports basic HTML, does not support
>>Netscape extensions, places tags that aren't HTML 2.0 compliant, and
requires >>authors to tweak the code before they can get a *real* Web page.
There is a better >>version for Win95, but it is still not a polished
product, and if we're going to require >>authors to have Win95 (or NT 3.51),
we should go with FrontPage 1.1 (see below).

>>Hotdog Pro -- YES, for HTML editing

>>While votes and positive reviews came in for at least a dozen other tools,
Hotdog >>earned at least five times as many raves as any other product. For
reviews on the >>Web, see the PC Magazine site at:
>> and Hotdog's review
site at: >> I've downloaded it, tried out
a few tags and >>other features, then opened the results in Netscape, all in
just a few minutes. I did >>compare it w/ WebEdit, and I liked WebEdit's
U.I. better, but lacking the time for a >>thorough trial, I'll stick w/ the
consensus pick: Hotdog.

>>Negatives: Hotdog just represents the best of the stand-alone HTML editing
tools, >>which are useful in creating Web pages, but it is lacking as an
overall Web-site >>development, management, and maintenance tool.

>>Cost: 30-day trial version is free. Full license is $99.95 (there's a
site-license >>discount as well).

>>FrontPage -- YES, for
>>Web-site management.

>>This is the total package. It hides the HTML code while letting authors
select from a >>template, supplies a "Personal Web Server" to use in
development, includes >>Wizards to automate Web-page creation, allows local
and remote authoring >>teams to work on a single site, includes web server
administration tools, such as a >>Link View to show all paths to and from
any page, AND is from Microsoft. For a full >>list of features, see the
copies of the datasheets, FAQ sheets, and so on.


>>System requirements are pretty heavy: 486 or higher, 16 Mb memory
>>recommended, 16 Mb hard-disk space, SVGA 256-color video recommended,
>>and Winsock 1.1-compliant TCP/IP or later.

>>Current version 1.0 is 16-bit app., and runs on Win3.1, but version 1.1,
which is in >>beta, and is due in August, is 32-bit, and requires Win95 or
Win NT 3.51 ... and MS >>is dropping development on the 16-bit version.


>>There is no free trial for the 16-bit version, but it is available on a
30-day >>money-back guarantee basis for $149. Part no. 392-00015 (call MS
product >>information @ 882-8080).

>>There is a demo version of the 1.1 beta available from the Web site, and
I've >>loaded it on my Win95 PC. It's very elegant! Come take a look if
you'd like.

--Sheldon Siegel
sheldon -dot- siegel -at- attws -dot- com

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