Re: Terminology

Subject: Re: Terminology
From: Jim Grey <jimgrey -at- IQUEST -dot- NET>
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996 18:37:00 EST

Jerolynn Cochrane <cochrane -at- RDSDATA -dot- COM> wants to know:
>1. When might you use "system" in naming a product.

Seldom, if ever. For example, "Process Analysis System" is more succinctly
named "Process Analyzer." Even then, a snazzier name can usually be found
or even coined. I grudgingly accept "Process Analysis System" when all of a
company's other products are three-word names and are usually called by
their initialisms. Then, "Process Analysis System" becomes "PAS". (Which
suggests Passport, a much snazzier name. Your company's marketing
department would kiss you. [Eeeeeyech. :->])

Good example: My company makes a product that advertising agencies use to
keep track of ad campaigns. They could have named it something silly such
as "Advertising Management System" and called it AMS for short (much to the
consternation of the American Meterological Society, I'm sure).
Fortunately, someone in Marketing decided to call it "Adman."

>2. When is something a "controller".

When it controls something. A keyboard is a controller.

>3. Is something ever a "unit".

No, no, a thousand times, no! "Unit" adds no meaning. For example,
"Interface Adapter Unit" is equal to "Interface Adapter". (That's a veiled
jab at a former employer.) Would you write "Turn off the computer unit" or
just "Turn off the computer"?

Whatever you do, *please* don't let your company ever name a product "System
Control Unit"! ;->

I wish I could cite some supporting references for you. You might check
with some marketing communications types for corroboration.

jim grey |beebeebumbleandthestingersmottthehoopleraycharlessingers
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