Re: Re[2]: Salaries?

Subject: Re: Re[2]: Salaries?
From: Carla Martinek <carlam -at- MINERVA -dot- ODESTA -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 11:35:52 -0500

Kat wrote:>> I feel sorry for both of them. She assumed that he would
>> resent her if she earned more money than he did---how sad!

>> When I was faced with that situation, I -asked- my
>> husband how he'd feel.

Joyce Flaherty responded:
>Kat, why would you ask?--how sad!
>If the situation were reversed, would he ask you?

Kat responded again:
Of course he would! He -did- , as a matter of fact, when the question
arose last year. It was an interesting discussion, since I do feel some
loss of independence when my income is significantly less than his. We
reached a reasonable compromise---reasonable for -us- , that is. It might not work for other couples.

Simple solution offered here for this: Never think of the money as
"his and/or hers..." Consider it as "ours." That's what works in
our household, where I make considerably more than my husband.
There's no feeling of loss of independence by either of us.
If he were to suddenly land a job where his pay was greater than
mine, my only response would be, "Great! Now *we* have more
money to play with!"

'nuff said on the subject.

Carla Martinek
TechWriter, Open Text Corporation
carlam -at- odesta -dot- com

Usual Disclaimer: "I do not speak for Open Text or anyone else.... "

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