Re: Doing your own graphics (an illustrators perspective)

Subject: Re: Doing your own graphics (an illustrators perspective)
From: Mercedes Abels <maa5906 -at- GRIFFON -dot- MWSC -dot- EDU>
Date: Mon, 13 May 1996 22:19:26 -0500

Michael J Maloney said:

> Can you imagine the absurdity of a technical illustration group getting
> together and talking about "Doing Your Own Writing / Editing". The writers
> would have a cow.

> It's bad enough that you (some of you) do your own (our own) trade
> (technical communication) a tremendous disservice by under-utilizing high
> quality, professionally produced technical illustrations, but you've
> completely lost site of the document structure and the publishing process.

I believe we do a disservice to ourselves and to our profession by
limiting our skills to just writing. We also ignore the realities of the
market. Most companies are looking for the most bang for the buck. If I
limit myself to writing, I will lose the opportunity to find employment
and expand my skill base.

The argument that we are the cause of the need to expand skills in our
profession is irrlevant. Technology is the reason for an ever
increasing blurring of the line between writers, layout artists and
graphic illustrators. If we ignore the deeds of the market, we will be
ignored by the market. Please don't tell me I am not capable of doing a
good job as an illustrator when you have no idea of the skills I posess.
Anyone who chooses to limit his or her skills is welcome to do so, that
limitation will open up the market for those of us who are willing to
expand our horizons and attain the skills necessary to be good technical

Marci Abels
maa5906 -at- griffon -dot- mwsc -dot- edu

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