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Subject: Re: Multiple Indexes and Acrimony - El Segundo
From: "Bruce H. Johnson" <corpknow -at- EARTHLINK -dot- NET>
Date: Wed, 15 May 1996 17:43:36 -0700

Dimock, Dick wrote:

> Hello again, list friends!

> I'm back after a long bout with a particularly
> vicious attack of *work*. Sad to say that
> it took me away...

> So first, a procedural question, Word 7, Win 95:

> I have three books with almost identical software
> chapters, and I am adding indexes to each book.

> I suspect the best way is to index the first book,
> and then copy/paste each index field to the second
> and third books. I can have the three docs open
> in separate windows, and open the windows in
> succession for the copy/paste.

> There are enough small wording differences to
> prevent wholesale copy of an indexed chapter.

> Is it better to slap the index field into 1, then 2, then
> 3, then move on to the next point to index?

> Anybody have suggestions?
> ______________________________________

How about looking at the WordBasic command:


AutoMarkIndexEntries ConcordanceFilename$

Automatically indexes the active document using ConcordanceFilename$,
the path and filename of a concordance file. A concordance file is a
Word document containing a two-column table with terms to index in the
first column and index entries in the second column. The
AutoMarkIndexEntries statement inserts an XE (Index Entry) field with
the appropriate entry text after each occurrence of the terms listed in
the first column of the concordance file.

See also

Editing Statements and Functions

Seems you could create one very plain index with no letter headings,
etc., so you end up with an index with minimal extraneous content except
for index "keywords" (choose your best-indexed chapter). Create the
concordance table from that. Run AutoMarkIndexEntries on the other

When I've run the AutoMarkIndexEntries it is *fast*; s/g like 30
pgs/second or so. You can always tweak the table and now you've got an
indexer for the whole document.

Of course, the indexing is subject to review for missing stuff.

Bruce H. Johnson
Corporate Knowledge, Inc. -- Your knowledge transfer specialists.
corpknow -at- earthlink -dot- net Los Angeles, California
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