Re: What industries are represented on this list?

Subject: Re: What industries are represented on this list?
From: "Jean A. Pratt" <JPRATT -at- ID2 -dot- USU -dot- EDU>
Date: Thu, 16 May 1996 07:57:15 MST7MDT

Mary Howe <thunder -at- IDIR -dot- NET> wrote:

> >What industries are
> >represented on this list? It looks as though computer industry writers are
> >in the great majority, but what else do people do? I know variants of this
> >question have been asked before (e.g., how many freelance, how many
> >permanent, what kinds of tools are used, etc.)...

> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Our group (the ID2 Research Group at Utah State U.) develops
instructional development tools (somewhat like authoring software
only easier to use) with embedded instructional strategies. Our
clients are primarily corporate trainers, but we also develop a
public educator's version of the software.

I do double-duty here as both Project Manager and Technical
Communicator. As the Tech. Comm., I focus primarily on the
development of the on-line help systems for our tools because that is
where my research interests lie. I do some tutorials (paper-based)
but am more interested in integrating them into the help systems.

We are creating a French version of our tools for a Canadian
telecommunications company, so I am very interested in the translation
discussion currently in progress. I give our translator a Word 7
copy in English and she returns it in French. We have found only two
main problems: (1) Canadian French differs somewhat from Parisian
French; (2) I have to be careful what portions I send to the
translator because the constant revisions in the software (which mean
constant revisions in Help) could prove to be very costly.

Hope this helps!

Jean A. Pratt
Project Manager
ID2 Research Group
Dept. of Instructional Technology
Utah State University
Logan, UT 84322-2830
JPRATT -at- ID2 -dot- USU -dot- EDU
PH: 801-797-2630
FAX: 801-797-3851

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