Re: Photographs vs Line Illustrations

Subject: Re: Photographs vs Line Illustrations
From: Wayne Hausmann <wayne -at- SES -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 17 May 1996 09:54:01 CDT

Real world example
At the beginning of the 1994 model year, I bought a Camaro Z28. The
Owners Manual had photographs, no line drawings. Three months later,
I received a new Owners Manual in the mail from General Motors. This
replacement had line drawings, no photographs.
I'm sure that this cost GM a lot of money that I doubt they would
have spent unless they were thoroughly convinced that they'd made an
inexcusably embarrassing mistake of judgment.

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> > A photograph taken by a machine can
> >do part of a job that used to be the exclusive domain of illustrators.

> For many reasons, photographs are generally NOT as effective as technical
> (line) illustrations. The specific item of attention (subject) is often
> "lost" in the background of a photograph. Copier reproduction often destroys
> the value of photographs. It is difficult to emphasize the "subject" in a
> photograph. Photographs are usually expensive to print (if high quality
> half-tone reproduction is required). The size and slowness of a TIFF (or
> other bitmap file type) can add cost in the production and reproduction
> process. An electronic (vector) line illustration is quite small (file size)
> and does not significantly "slow-down" ($) the publishing process. Sometimes
> saving money at the beginning of a production process can cost you as much
> or more in the long run.

> These are but a few arguments.

> Michael J. Maloney
> President, EPIC Creative Services
> 2230 Lyndhurst Avenue
> Charlotte, NC 28203 USA

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