World's Largest Bug

Subject: World's Largest Bug
From: "Peter Ring, PRC" <prc -at- PIP -dot- DKNET -dot- DK>
Date: Sat, 18 May 1996 16:28:06 +1

Jack DeLand wrote:

>I have never found a drawing created in CorelDraw (any version) then
>exported out to BMP to be anything but trouble in a compiled HLP or Viewer
>file. And this is at several companies, over several years, and mucho
>falvors of Windows. Don't know WHAT it is.

A lot of the problems when saving a CorelDRAW image in BMP format
(or any other bitmapped format) is due to the lack of understanding
of the enormous difference between a vectorized image (like a normal
CorelDRAW image) and a bitmapped image.

Vectorized pictures can be scaled up very significantly and still be
nice to look at. They are good for drawings, but difficult to make
from photos (a good tool is Corel OCR-TRACE 6). Bitmapped pictures
look worse and worse the more they are scaled up, but they are
better for photo-style images.

Converting a vectorized image to a bitmapped image is not as simple
as it looks. You need basically to select the size of the bitmap in
pixels. But the various bitmap formats has each its little
limitations and advantages, so in many cases you are asked a lot of
other questions, too.

When exporting (converting) a vectorized image from CorelDRAW 6.0 to
the BMP format, you are asked the following questions: number of
colors, dithering, height, width, resolution, and anti-aliasing. If
you make wrong choices here (e.g. wrong color selection), you are
asking for trouble.

I will not deny there are bugs in CorelDraw - I have found and
cursed plenty of them - but it is to my experience not more nor less
bug-ridden than so may other popular complicated programmes like MS
Windows, MS Office, WordPerfect, etc. But the CorelDRAW package is a
professional toolbox where you need a lot of knowledge to work
properly with it - and that takes a lot of time and experience to

So start studying the various picture formats. The more you know
about the formats you use, the better results you get with less

Greetings from Denmark
Peter Ring
PRC - specialist in user friendly manuals and quality measurements on
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