Milne = Organizational Behavior Expert, Not Off Topic

Subject: Milne = Organizational Behavior Expert, Not Off Topic
From: John Gear <catalyst -at- PACIFIER -dot- COM>
Date: Sun, 19 May 1996 12:55:40 -0700

>Date: Sat, 18 May 1996 06:32:31 -0400
>From: Kat Nagel/MasterWork <katnagel -at- EZNET -dot- NET>
>Subject: R.I.P. Christopher Robin

>For those of you who grew up with the Pooh books, a British magazine has
>published a poem in memory of C.R. Milne (A.A.'s son), who died recently.
>It is a gentle parody of "Christopher Robin is saying his prayers". It's
>waaay off topic for the list so I won't post it, but I would be glad to
>send it to anyone who is interested.

I have a flagrant example of copyright violation in my office (which, alas,
I have also shared with dozens of friends because it is so apt). It is a
reproduction of the first page of Winnie and it is a *wonderful* summary of
how so many organizations work ... um, er, function ... ummm, behave!

It reads (underneath the wonderful illustration of a little boy dragging a
small bear by one arm, headfirst down a staircase):

"Here is Edward Bear, coming downstairs now, bump, bump, bump, on
the back of his head, behind Christopher Robin. It is, as far as he knows,
the only way of coming dowstairs, but sometimes he feels that there really
is another way, if only he could stop bumping for a monent and think of it."

John Gear (catalyst -at- pacifier -dot- com)
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