WinHelp running programs

Subject: WinHelp running programs
From: Bruce WHITE <WHITE -at- MSN -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 22 May 1996 23:33:33 UT

Martyn Thirlway <thirlwaym -at- USOFT -dot- NL> said on the
subject. (it was "winhelp blues", but I didn't like that colour).

>>the old ExecProgram macro (now EF for 4.0)
>>did not look after directories, so you had to do
>>this yourself by specifying the directory path as
>>well as the filename,

The subtle difference with EF (ExecFile)is that all the macro has to do is
find the file. Imagine it is called my.doc.

The user, in Windows Explorer, has made an association of the extension (.doc)
with _whatever_ they are using for a word processor. So the effect of EF is
the same as if it had been double clicked in Explorer.

To do the same thing with ExecProgram meant calling the Word processor and
passing it a file. This was difficult with people not always using Winword or
having it in the path. eg. ExecProgram("winword.exe my.doc", 0)

>>I have hard-coded the path into the macro.
A relative path? I suspect that your installation has the option to change an
absolute path (most do).

BTW have a look at how ShellExecute works as well.
I hope this helps...

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