Re: Tools related requirments on resumes

Subject: Re: Tools related requirments on resumes
From: Bill Hartzer <XBJH%mimi -at- MAGIC -dot- ITG -dot- TI -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 23 May 1996 15:06:58 CDT

From: Bill Hartzer XBJH

Subj: Re: Tools related requirments on resumes

Sorry for the late posting, but this didn't go through to the address.
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From: Bill Hartzer XBJH

Subj: Re: Job Posting: XXXXX Tool Senior Writer
Tim Altom, Vice President of Simply Written, Inc. commented that
"I've seen more listings than I can count saying "RoboHelp" writer
needed, when developing help is actually less tool-dependent than DTP is."
This is very true.Having a lot of daily exposure to hundreds of postings
technical writers, I have found that this is the fault of the person who is
posting the message. In many cases, it's a recruiter or contract agency who
ends up writing the ad, not the computer software company who is actually
doing the hiring. And 99.9 percent of the time the recruiter is going by wh
the hiring company LITERALLY said in their job description, not what really
is required for the position. I have made it a point to disregard the fact
they are looking to hire someone with knowledge of a particular tool or
software package because I'm at a point in my technical writing career that
I either know the tool and have used it or I'd better know it if I continue
to do well as a technical writer.
In one recent job search for a tech writer position, I came across a typical
arrogant recruiter. (I had picked up the latest Sunday employment section
of my local paper and faxed a resume to every single contract agency/
job shop/recruiter/employer that had a position open for any type of
computer-related position. I figured that if they hire programmers they're
likely to have an opening for a tech writer.) I received a call from this
recruiter (who shall remain nameless) that was calling me in regards to
the resume I had faxed him 30 minutes earlier. He explained to me that he
was quite puzzled by the fact that I had faxed him my resume. "Why are
you faxing me your resume?" he asked. "I think you must have misread our
advertisement. We are a contract agency who only specializes in hiring
people in the computer industry. And you've been a Technical Writer for
over 4 years...I don't think we can help you..."
Has anyone else come across any recruiters who are more concerned about
matching someone with the exact software tool requirements listed on a job o
than hearing that you can actually do the job which, in reality, requires

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