Jobs, the industry, etc.

Subject: Jobs, the industry, etc.
From: "Dimock, Dick" <red -at- ELSEGUNDOCA -dot- NCR -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 23 May 1996 17:19:00 PDT

Garret Romaine posted a glowing report of jobs available in
Portland OR, and sez:

>I'm wondering how other managers are faring out there in the rest of the
>technical writing industry.

snip, hack, chop, slice

In Los Angeles, we are hopping also. When I called our STC
employment information manager (Andre Sharp - a fine gentleman)

I was told that there are many more jobs open than there are
tech writers available!

Hot Dang! Where'd I file my ol' resume?....

Best regards,

Dick Dimock, typing to you live from

NCR Corporation, which also is looking for a senior
writer, and already getting
TECHWR-L responses from
savvy types who think it might
be nice to work in the Faire Citie

El Segundo, CA The town that loves Tech Writers, and
considers documentation of prime
importance in all facets of life.

"But Officer, If I cannot download
a file of the speed laws, with
appropriate context-sensitive Help,
how can I possibly know the laws
in order to comply?"

"Ahh, 'Tis right you are, Citizen. Our
Web page will be back up soon, ye
be looking for it at Until then,
drive carefully and fasten ye seat
red -at- elsegundoca -dot- ncr -dot- com

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