Re: What's next after tech. writing (#40910)

Subject: Re: What's next after tech. writing (#40910)
From: Bill Burns <wburns -at- MICRON -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 1996 10:03:17 -0600

5-JUN-1996 09:55:47.82

>In article <19960605 -dot- 104723 -dot- 417727 -dot- NETNEWS -at- VM -dot- SAS -dot- COM>, Henry Crews
><Henry_Crews-AHC001 -at- email -dot- mot -dot- com> writes:
>|> I'm a new tech. writer and new to this list. Technical writing is not my
>|> first job choice but my new position offered good experience and a good
>|> raise. I was wondering what career areas are available for a person to move
>|> on to with technical writing experience?

>You could be a technical writing group manager, a project leader, or do
>tech writing as a consultant. You could become a tools specialist at
>your company, and maintain your format styles, SGML database, authoring
>system installations, and so on. You could become a publishing system
>integration expert, and put together complete publishing systems for
>people. You could work in book sales, or publications marketing. You
>could become a publications or text DB administrator, an electronic
>production specialist who does layout and design, a compositor or
>typesetting composition specialist.

I've found, too, that technical writing leads quite nicely into instructional
and performance design. In my new position, I oversee the work of technical
writers and training specialists. I also perform needs assessments and
performance analyses for the production areas to determine when training or
documentation are necessary and when other measures can be used in place of
training or documentation. These aren't the only abilities necessary for
instructional and performance technology, but they are important tools of the

Bill Burns
Assembly Training and Documentation Supervisor

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