Re: Bugs in Documentation

Subject: Re: Bugs in Documentation
From: Sue Heim <sue -at- RIS -dot- RISINC -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 1996 08:24:30 PST

Ruth Glaser wanted to know:
> 1. How do you define documentation bugs (incorrect information,
> omissions, style inconsistencies, etc.)?

Incorrect information and ommissions are called just that (and
usually go into a readthis file called "Corrections to the User's

> 2. Do you rank them in order of significance when determining if
> they'll be fixed for the next release?

Documentation "bugs" usually get fixed when the manual next goes to
the printer. There is no ranking... if the documentation is
incorrect, it just gets fixed!

> 3. Do you let known bugs slide when pressed for time?

I'm not sure what you mean by this? You mean when you first complete
the manual and send it off to the printer? Or when you find the
"bug?" And actually, the answer is no. The only deciding factor is
if it's yet gone to the presses for the first instance, or the
quantity in inventory (and when we'll reprint) for the second

We don't have a true "quality management program" here at RIS, but we
do take pride in our products. Accurate documentation goes right up
there along with bug-free program (as if! <grin>), but that is what
we all strive for.

Sue Heim
Research Information Systems
Carlsbad, California USA
Email: Sue -at- ris -dot- risinc -dot- com

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