Inventing words

Subject: Inventing words
From: Randy Grandle <Randy -dot- Grandle -at- CORP -dot- SUN -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 1996 12:39:34 -0700

Since we are inventing words, how about:

o peopling; interfacing with people or performing people skills:

  I'm 'peopling' with my project team to resolve this crisis, ASAP.

  Tomorrow's 'peopling' function will start promptly at 9 am.

  Jane pondered a 'peopling' approach to help Gary with his problem.

o qualinality; a measure of the level of the quality of something:

  Our company's products have high `qualinality'.

  We can deliver it earlier, but only by lowering its `qualinality'.

o scamability; the ability to pull the wool over peoples eyes:

  Bill Clinton's 'scamability' rating is at an all-time high.

  Successful used car salespersons just ooze 'scamability'.

o smalldize; to reduce the size or scope of something:

  Roberta was under orders to 'smalldize' the department budget.

  Jason hoped the exercise program would 'smalldize' his tummy.

o teamatize; to form a team or to promote cooperation within a group:

  Our first goal is to 'teamatize' the product development effort.

  Jim and Nancy 'teamatize' together like Bogart and Bacall.

Chris was just not a 'tematize' sort of player.

o wordify; expressing ideas and concepts in words:

  Can you 'wordify' this chapter for the user's guide by next week?

  My life long dream is to 'wordify' the Great American Novel.

To 'wordify' is more powerful than to swordify.

These words are absolute *must* additions to the English language.
Don't you agree? :-)

Randy Grandle

Project Lead Writer
Sun Professional Services

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