Re: Win95 Help questions

Subject: Re: Win95 Help questions
From: Scott Browne <sbrowne -at- UNICOMP -dot- NET>
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 11:32:18 +0000

On Wed 12 Jun 1996, Bruce H. Johnson wrote:


> For "standard" Help, leave it [help window size] at default. The
> last Help window size is stored in WIN.INI and is used for display.
> Same with position; with the size and position defaulted to the
> last-used, the user can put it anywhere needed or wanted. Sometimes
> the user may want it full-screen, other times may want to shrink it
> down so he can see his program, too.


This is an excellent practice to follow. I do this with all my online
help that I create. Nothing annoys me more than running someone's
online help and having it always come up a certain size and in a
certain position. It is virtually *never* in the location I want it
nor is it the right size for what I want. Coming up maximized is the

So, If I'm going to have to resize and move it anyway, at least let
it come up in the size/location of the last Winhelp file I used - the
odds are greater that the previous location will be where I want it.
More so than where someone else thinks it should be.

As for colors, I also usually make the non-scrolling region match
company colors (with perhpas a logo) and leave the scrolling area at
default so the user's Windows colors will be used. The user chose
those colors because s/h/it liked them - let 'em use what they like.

Keep in mind that this may (sometimes) produce interesting effects
with graphics. The .BMP's used can only be square. Now, you may have
a round dot or circle to be used as a bullet, but the actual .BMP is
square - a round colored picture, with a (usually) white backgound
making the whole image square. Since some readers like colored
backgrounds (e.g. blue background with white text) and since there
are a few of the Windows color schemes that use a backbround window
color other than white, the square white of the graphic will show up.

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