Virus message

Subject: Virus message
From: Suzanne Wood <suzannew -at- MINCOM -dot- OZ -dot- AU>
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 11:46:31 +1000

>Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 11:45:36 +1000
>To: WORD-PC -at- ufobi2 -dot- uni-forst -dot- gwdg -dot- de
>From: Suzanne Wood <suzannew -at- mincom -dot- oz -dot- au>
>Subject: Virus message

>Hi all

>I received this Internet Virus alert today from our sysadmin. May be
>pertinent to some/all of you.


>Suzanne Wood
>>To: All
>>>There is a computer virus that is being sent across the
>>>Internet. If you receive an email message with the subject line
>> "Good Times"
>>DO NOT read the message, DELETE it immediately. Please read the
>>>messages below. Some miscreant is sending email under the title
>>"Good Times" nationwide, if you get anything like this,
>>>It has a virus that rewrites your hard drive, obliterating
>>>anything on it.
>>>Please be careful and forward this mail to anyone you care
>>>The FCC released a warning last Wednesday concerning a matter
>>>of major importance to any regular user of the Internet. Apparently a
>>>new computer virus has been engineered by a user of AMERICA ON LINE that
>>>is unparalleled in its destructive capability. Other more well-known viruses
>>>such as "Stoned", "Airwolf" and "Michaelangelo" pale in comparison to
>>>the prospects of this newest creation by a warped mentality. What makes this
>>> virus so terrifying, said the FCC, is the fact that no program needs to
>>>be exchanged for a new computer to be infected. It can be spread through
>>>the existing email systems of the Internet.
>>>Once a Computer is infected, one of several things can happen. If
>>>the computer contains a hard drive, that will most likely be destroyed. If
>>>the program is not stopped, the computer's processor will be
>>>placed in an nth-complexity infinite binary loop -which can severely damage
>>>the processor if left running that way too long. Unfortunately, most novice
>>>computer users will not realize what is happening until it is far too late.
>>>Luckily, there is one sure means of detecting what is now known as the "Good
>>>Times" virus. It always travels to new computers the same way in a text
>>>message with the subject line reading "Good Times". Avoiding infection is
>>>once the file has been received simply by NOT READING IT! The act of loading
>>>the file into the mail
>>>server's ASCII buffer causes the "Good Times" mainline program to initialize
>>>and execute.
>>>The program is highly intelligent- it will send copies of
>>>itself to everyone whose email address is contained in a receive-mail
>>>file or a sent-mail file, if it can find one. It will then proceed to
>>>trash the computer it is running on.
>>>The bottom line is: - if you receive a file with the subject
>>>line "Good Times", delete it immediately! Do not read it" Rest assured
>>>that whoever's name was on the "From" line was surely struck by the virus.
>>>Warn your friends and local system users of this newest threat to the
>>>It could save them a lot of time and money.
>>From ??? -at- ??? Sun Jan 00 00:00:00 0000==
>>|| | | | | | Josh L Brenes | Internet: joshb -at- mincom -dot- oz -dot- au
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>>||M|I|N|C|O|M Brisbane, QLD Australia | Direct: +61 7 3303 3251
>>From ??? -at- ??? Sun Jan 00 00:00:00 0000==

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