Re: Am I a Senior Technical Writer?

Subject: Re: Am I a Senior Technical Writer?
From: Matt Ion <soundy -at- NEXTLEVEL -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 02:54:48 -0800

On Wed, 12 Jun 1996 16:22:38 -0500, Matthew Danda wrote:

>During the most recent management reshuffling and hierarchy rebuilding, I was
>listed on the org chart as a Senior Technical Writer. I protested this title,
>citing the fact that I have only 2 years professional experience, but the
>head honchos weren't very interested in changing the sacred chart. So the
>title remains.

>On my resume, should I list my title at this company as Senior Technical
>Writer? Even though I know that, by experience, I should be a staff Technical

"Senior" is entirely relative. There is no set age or amount of
experience that's written in stone as being the threshold for "Senior".

"Senior" may mean you were the oldest in your department, or the one
with the most experience, or the best at that job, or simply the one in

>The company is a reputable, publicly-traded software developer,
>and the HR records will officially list me as a Senior Technical Writer.
>However, I know that my knowledge, experience, and salary are not at the
>Senior Technical Writer level, at least not by my definitions.

But obviously, they were by the definition of a reputable,
publicly-traded software developer.

>I don't want to sound pompous on my resume by being a 25-year-old Senior,
>but I don't want to belittle myself, either.

I would say, run with it. Your resume will (should?) contain
information on your experience already (ie. your start and finish dates
with this previous employer); any future employer can and should draw
his/her own conclusions based on that *and* the name your former
employer gave your position.

To many, it may not matter. If it does, they'll likely ask you about
it come interview time, at which point you can afford a little more
modesty to explain. At the very least, noting that you attained the
position of "Senior Technical Writer" after only two years with the
company should make enough of an impression to get you the interview...
and that's half the battle right there.

Your friend and mine,
"Maybe all I need, besides my pills and surgery,
is a new metaphor for... reality." -- Queensryche

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