WinWord Pictures vs. Objects (was RE: Screen Captures)

Subject: WinWord Pictures vs. Objects (was RE: Screen Captures)
From: Ned Bedinger <xxnb0042 -at- KGV2 -dot- BEMS -dot- BOEING -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 1996 09:04:07 +0000

Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 01:32:28 -0400 =

From: Marta Cepek <marta -at- M3ISYSTEMS -dot- QC -dot- CA> =

Subject: Re: Screen Capture =


Ken Maum wrote: =


>>I just hit the Print Scrn button and paste the screen in from the clip =

Marta Cepek replied:

>Ken, it would be more efficient to do the editing and *particularly* =

>cropping in Paintbrush, then linking the graphics (Insert=A6Picture) int=
o the =

Insert|Picture leads Word to believe that when you double-click on the =

embedded (or linked) picture, it should be editted with Word's Picture =

editor. For my purposes, this is a drag because I sometimes need to edit =
and =

resave bitmaps (or tiffs or epses), and I definitely do not want my artwo=
rk =

converted to some strange windows metafile format! =

There are two solutions: =

1.) Use Insert|Object|Create From File, not Insert|Picture
2.) Reconfigure the Tools|Options|Edit tab's Picture Editor option.

Of the two, inserting an object is, far and away, the best. This techniq=
ue =

embeds (or links) your picture as an object produced by its native editor=
, so =

that double-clicking on it will summon the native editor (e.g., Paintbrus=
h) =

instead of Picture Editor. Edits can be saved without converting to a =

metafile. =

The second solution: The Picture editor option is apparently a dead-end.=

Microsoft designed it so that add-ons could be used in place of klunky li=
ttle =

Picture Editor. Unfortunately, any add-on that wants to replace picture =

editor has to meet Microsoft's definition of a Picture Editor, which =

apparently means that its native format is metafile (and I have yet to se=
e a =

replacement). I can't simply plug in "Paintbrush" as my WinWord Image ed=
itor =

(though I do bitmaps almost entirely) because it is not, strictly speakin=
g, =

qualified as a picture editor. But it is theoretically possible to plug i=
n a =

new one that can re-save nor onlt as metafile, but also as bitmap, tiff, =

Hope this helps.

Ned Bedinger =

If this were merely my opinion, I'd probably keep it to myself.
My employer is, nonetheless, not responsible for my expressions.

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