Subject: Summary--Word/Frame/PageMaker
From: Thom Remington <remingtf -at- ENGG-MAIL -dot- LVS -dot- DUPONT -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 12:15:36 -0400

A short while ago, I sent a request for advice to the list on the topic of
what to do for page layout software.

I received 14 responses. Thanks for your input!

First, the stats. Because several respondents ranked some or all of the
packages, I've accumulated first-, second-, and third-place votes. I'll


3 First place
4 Second place
0 Third place


9 First place
1 Second place
0 Third place


0 First place
1 Second place
3 Third place

Because this will be an ongoing project for a couple of years, what I did
was, as one respondent put it, "bite the bullet" and get PM 6. I only got it
on Friday (I start doing *real* layout this evening), and I've only had a
preliminary chance to look it over.

So far, I'm pretty sure I made the right choice. I tend to climb software
learning curves very fast, so I'm not overly concerned about learning how to
make it do what I need to do. I also have sample files (done in PM 5) from
the publisher, so I'll be able to steal the styles quite liberally.

FWIW, my 12-year-old son made me a Father's Day card with PM (creating and
importing graphics from the Word graphics editor...), and he figured out how
to embed animations and movies into a PM document. I guess, like all parents
with kids, I'm going to have to start getting computer advice from him.....

Samples of things people said:

One respondent, who obviously prefers Mac to Windows, said

"What a pity that you have lumbered yourself with Windows/Word as this is
such a simple job on the Mac platform..."

Another is no fan of Word:

"Word is just a word processing package (which I detest)."

Of course, there's the postpone-action approach:

'Since you have already settled on Word, you can add PageMaker later
and "enhance" your system rather than make a complete switch.'

"However, if Word does what you need now, use it and avoid extra expenses;
but sooner or later, you will have to move on. [There is no such thing as
the perfect solution.]"

Or, act now:

'My feeling is that if the project will be an "ongoing thing for a year or
two," it might be wise to invest in Pagemaker.'

Or do nothing:

'I believe you have walked into the word processing "grey area." No matter
what you finally use, the other package will work better--and worse. So why
spend the money, when you already have Word?'
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