Re: Envoy vs Acrobat

Subject: Re: Envoy vs Acrobat
From: Chris Hulin <chrish -at- CTL -dot- COM -dot- CY>
Date: Sun, 12 May 1996 09:59:00 +0300

I am posting this reply to my question (repeated below), on behalf of Jeff
the Tumbleweed guy, who cannot post to the list at the moment.
>> Can anyone clarify the relationships between Tumbleweed, Wordperfect,
>> Novell, and Corel in respect of Envoy?
>> I am wondering who really controls Tumbleweed, and what the implications
>> will be. For example, can I assume that the Tumbleweed/WP/Corel connection
>> will result in better interoperability between Ventura and Envoy than
>> between Ventura and Acrobat? Likewise, can Frame users expect better
>> Frame/Acrobat linking?


>I currently don't have rights to post on techwr-l. I you could
>post the following on my behalf, I would be grateful.

>Tumbleweed develops all versions of Envoy, having developed the
>first versions which were licensed to WordPerfect and then
>sold to Novell. Tumbleweed retains rights to the technology,
>enabling Tumbleweed to build derivative products to complement
>the Envoy family. Tumbleweed currently is 100% independent in
>terms of control of the company, but obviously has very strategic
>relationships with Novell, WordPerfect, and Corel.

>Tumbleweed will continue to work directly with Corel to enhance
>Envoy and integrate the technology more closely with existing
>Corel products. Tumbleweed will also continue its extended
>relationship with Novell, enabling the two companies to continue
>to rapidly bring new versions of Envoy to market.

>You can expect a much higher level of compability between
>WordPerfect and Envoy due to this relationship. You can
>expect the same between Frame and Acrobat. Note, however,
>that the Envoy XPI (eXtended Print Interface) can be supported
>by Frame, and the Adobe PDFMark is already supported by all
>Tumbleweed products, giving Envoy the same level of compability
>with Frame as Acrobat.

>-- jeff

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