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Subject: Re: Postscript Viewer
From: Bill Hartzer <XBJH%mimi -at- MAGIC -dot- ITG -dot- TI -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 1996 08:51:18 CDT

From: Bill Hartzer XBJH

Subj: Re: Postscript Viewer
Richard G. Harris asked the following:

>Date: Thu, 20 Jun 1996 16:00:17 -0400
>From: Richard G Harris <rgh -at- WORLD -dot- STD -dot- COM>
>Subject: Postscript Viewer

>I need a postscript viewer that's compatible with Windos 95.

>I've been using Ghostscript with Windows 3.1 very successfully. I'm
>thinking I probably can't run it with Windows 95.

>I did a search and found something promising at SinTel -- but it barfs on
>my postscript files (generated with an HP driver).

>Anyone know of a good postscript viewer?
For the **BEST** postscript viewer, why not go to the source?
Adobe Systems invented postscript, and can obviously provide the best
viewers. I suggest Adobe Acrobat.

Technically speaking, you will need to purchase Adobe Acrobat Pro, which
includes everything you need to create Adobe Acrobat .PDF files. Use the
included program called Acrobat Distiller to 'distill' (process) postscript
files. In fact, the resulting .pdf file is usually about 1/3 the size
of a normal postscript file. .PDF files are read by the Acrobat Reader
program, available for free distribution in Mac, Win, DOS, Unix and now OS/2
. Included in the Acrobat Pro software package is the .PDF writer printer
driver that creates .PDF files directly when you use the Print option from
any program.

On another topic, Tim Altom recently described an article that recently
appeared in CD-ROM Professional magazine. It rated 19 different text
search programs. I was amazed when I read it that it failed to mention
Adobe Acrobat. I use Adobe Acrobat Search for CD-ROMs frequently to
publish Resume databases on CD-ROM. If anyone's interested in learning
about Acrobat or my experience with Search for CD-ROMs, please let me
know and I can respond off-list.

Bill Hartzer Bill Hartzer
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Dallas, TX USA Irving, TX USA
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applicants can reach thousands of employers with their resume."

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