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Subject: Be a Macway EvangeList
From: Tony Rocco <tony_rocco -at- NAVIS -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 1996 10:50:52 U

Mail*Link(r) SMTP Be a Macway EvangeList

Macaholic tech writers like me might be interested in joining this mailing
list from Guy Kawasaki. It is called the Macway EvangeList.Info follows.Hey,
30,000 subscribers can't be wrong!

Date: 8/14/96 22:50
From: Tony G. Rocco
MacWay -at- aol -dot- com wrote:

> Note: This email address is monitored by a Claris Emailer mail action. No
> one "reads" the mail sent to it. Every incoming message simply generates
> this automated response. You can write to Guy Kawasaki at <gkway -at- aol -dot- com>.

> If you'd like to skip all this carefully crafted verbiage and simply sign
> up for EvangeList, you can do this at
> <> in the About Evangelist area.

> ____________________

> ____________________

> Thanks for checking out Guy Kawasaki's EvangeList! The purpose of this
> mailing list is to quickly get information to the evangelists (official
> and unofficial) of Macintosh.

> EvangeList is not a list server to talk to others. It's here to help you
> spread the word about Apple's insanely great computers. In other words,
> it's ONLY good news--there is no "sky-is-falling" junk here! There's
> already been many documented cases of EvangeList postings helping sell
> Macintoshes and unsell PC clones.

> For example, if you were already a subscriber, you would have learned
> about these developments:

> - The San Jose Mercury uses Macintosh to produce its paper--even while
> its reporters predict Apple's gloom.
> - Harvard Business School has standardized on Macintosh for its executive
> programs.
> - Stewart Alsop, editor in chief of InfoWorld, couldn't get the CD-ROM in
> Bill Gates's book to run on Windows NT.
> - Santa uses a Macintosh for his Web site.
> - The NHL uses PowerBooks to score its games.

> If you'd like to get previous postings, here are archives:

> <>
> <>
> <>
> <>
> <>

> Please forward this message to anyone who can help us in the battle!
> Right now there are 30,000 members--a rule of thumb is that this means
> 200,000 people read the messages, so get on board!

> Thanks!

> Guy Kawasaki
> <mailto: "Guy Kawasaki" gkway -at- aol -dot- com>

> ____________________

> ____________________

> If you cannot figure out how to subscribe or alter your profile, the web
> master can help you. He can be contacted at:

> <mailto: "Chuq Von Rospach" chuqui -at- plaidworks -dot- com>

> Subscribing

> To subscribe to the list send an email message to:

> <listproc -at- solutions -dot- apple -dot- com>

> include in the body of the message the string:

> SUBSCRIBE MACWAY and enter your real name

> Getting Digests

> If you want to get all the messages as Guy sends them (he sends a whole
> bunch almost every day), all you need to do is subscribe as explained
> above. On the other hand, if you'd like to just get all Guy's messages
> once per day in a nice package, then we suggest that you get a digest
> version of the list.

> To do this, first subscribe to the list as we explained above. After
> you've received confirmation that you're on EvangeList, then send an
> email message to:

> <listproc -at- solutions -dot- apple -dot- com>

> include in the body of the message the string:


> Turning off Digests

> To get out of digest mode and get the mail one piece at a time, send an
> email message to:

> <listproc -at- solutions -dot- apple -dot- com>

> include in the body of the message the string:


> Turning off digest mode does not unsubscribe you. You have to unsubscribe
> by using the instructions explained next. However, you don't need to
> turn off digest and then unsubscribe--you can unsubscribe in one swoop.

> Unsubscribing

> To get off the list entirely (even though we hate to see you go!), send
> an email message to:

> <listproc -at- solutions -dot- apple -dot- com>

> include in the body of the message the string:


> ____________________

> EVANGELIST FAQ by Guy Kawasaki
> ____________________

> - Content of EvangeList

> Q. Who decides what gets posted to EvangeList?
> A. I decide. Sometimes Michelle Sain ("the other Guy") posts the message
> when it requests info that she keeps in a database.

> Q. Does anyone at Apple censor or approve your postings?
> A. Does Phil Jackson tell Michael Jordan when he can dunk? If I wanted to
> just be a well-paid mouthpiece, I probably could have been a Windows 95
> spokesperson. (I kid you not.)

> Q. Are there archives of EvangeList postings?
> A. Yes:

> <>
> <>
> <>

> Q. Why do you seem to preach only to the converted?
> A. Because the converted carry the battle forward, and, as I said above,
> there are many roles in this battle. Some ministers preach to a
> congregation of believers every Sunday. Others go into areas where
> Christianity has not yet taken hold. Some preach via servers. EvangeList
> is just one of the things that I do as an Apple Fellow. Trust me: I go
> into the jungle a lot.

> Q. Why do you post press releases when I can read the announcements in
> magazines?
> A. Because I can't be certain that everyone gets every magazine; that
> they will read the articles; and that the magazines will cover every
> press release. Also, sometimes the press doesn't quite get things right.
> :-)

> Q. Why do you post special offers and other sales propaganda from
> developers?
> A. Because getting the latest, greatest, and coolest stuff helps people
> evangelize Macintosh. Also, this is a big help for developers to generate
> word-of-mouth advertising. I'll do almost anything for a Macintosh
> developer.

> Q. Is there a way I can tell what a posting is about without reading the
> whole thing?
> A. I _try_ to use this code:

> ;-) Joke/funny story
> PR Press release
> $$ Special offer
> !! Action item encouraged by EvangeListas
> ?? Question posed by list subscriber

> You could set up a mail action or filter in your email client to
> automatically delete subjects that begin with $, for example, if you hate
> getting sales propaganda. But then don't blame me if you miss the special
> offer for EvangeList members of 9500s for $500. :-)

> Q. How do I submit something for posting?
> A. Just send it to me: <macway -at- aol -dot- com> Put the words "EvangeList
> posting" in the subject line of the message because Claris Emailer is
> searching for this string.

> Q. What are you looking for?
> A. Anything that helps Macintosh evangelists promote the Macintosh cause:
> anecdotes, tips, pointers to URLs, survey sites, etc. I don't want copies
> of "Internet humor." For example, I must have received 50 copies of the
> story of Bill Gates going to heaven and 500 copies of what would happen
> if Microsoft designed cars.

> Q. Can I re-post EvangeList stuff? Can I use them in my newsletter?
> A. It would be my honor and pleasure though sometimes I post articles
> that I only received permission to use on EvangeList. These you have to
> ask the originator for permission to use. I denote copyrighted material
> in the first paragraph.

> Q. Why do you attach your signature to every message?
> A. Because I'm an egomaniac and because the bulk of the readers of
> EvangeList postings are recipients of forwards and BBS users. The
> signature needs to be on every posting, so that these people can see how
> to join EvangeList.

> Q. Why does the digest version contain a signature for every message?
> Can't it just be at the end?
> A. The digest version is completely automated. It is simply a compilation
> of postings. The list server software doesn't have the ability to cut
> every signature and add only one at the end of the digest.

> - EvangeList and Me

> Q. Why did I start getting EvangeList in digest form?
> A. Sometimes the server gets bogged down because too many people are
> signing up and I'm posting too much stuff. In a crisis, we sometimes have
> to use digest mode to reduce postings. At any given moment the server is
> processing 140,000 messages.

> Q. Why do I sometimes receive postings more than once? My friends on
> EvangeList don't.
> A. When the server crashes, it sometimes doesn't know who was sent
> postings, so it sends it to the entire batch of recipients again. If your
> friends aren't in the same batch, then they wouldn't get the postings
> again.

> Q. Do you kick people off the subscription list? Sometimes it seems like
> I stop getting postings for no reason.
> A. Hardly a day goes by when I don't post a few messages to EvangeList,
> so you should expect something everyday. If the server gets backed up or
> crashes, then maybe you'll go two days without any messages.

> Anything longer than two days, however, means something is probably
> wrong. There are only two reasons why people are removed from the list:
> 1) their server generates error messages and brings our server to a halt;
> or 2) they go on vacation and leave a mail action/filter that sends me
> dozens of messages that say, "Hi, Jody is on vacation and won't be back
> for two weeks. In the meantime, please contact her secretary, Bruce, at
> 415-555-1212."

> No one in the Macintosh community knows when more people are on vacation
> than I do. Frankly, this is a distinction I can do without. Do me a
> favor: set up a mail action or filter like: Automatically respond UNLESS
> sender contains "Macway" when you go to Maui.

> Q. Why do you post URLs instead of the articles themselves?
> A. I realize that this means less people will read the articles because
> they aren't directly delivered via the posting. However, many articles
> are copyrighted, so I can't simply re-post them.

> - Changing Your Profile

> Q. Can you alter my profile--such as whether I get a digest version?
> A. I, Guy Kawasaki, cannot. Chuq Von Rospach, the web master, can.
> However, he maintains about a dozen lists, so it's a inefficient use of
> his cycles. If you really get stuck, here's Chuq's URL:

> <mailto: "Chuq Von Rospach" chuqui -at- plaidworks -dot- com>

> Q. Then how do I get a digest version of the postings?
> A. Send an email message to: <listproc -at- solutions -dot- apple -dot- com> and include
> in the body of the message the string, "SET MACWAY MAIL DIGEST"

> Q. How do I unsubscribe?
> A. Send an email message to:
> <listproc -at- solutions -dot- apple -dot- com> and include in the body of the message the

> - Contacting Guy

> Q. If I send you a message about a posting, will you respond?
> A. Usually but not always. Sometimes I get so swamped that I can't: 300
> emails/day x 1/2 minute/email = 150 minutes.

> Rest assured that even if I don't respond, either I or one of my
> assistants read every message. (You can tell who is responding to you: if
> the response is long, thought-out, and polite, it's from my assistants.
> If it's curt and to the point, it's from me.)

> Also, sometimes I get impossible-to-answer questions that I just don't
> know what to do with. For example:

> 1) "Why isn't Copland shipping yet?"

> 2) "Why does your advertising suck?"

> Q. You post messages from several accounts. Does it matter which one we
> use to write to you?
> A. It doesn't. I use Claris Emailer, so all accounts are equal for me.

> - The Bottom Line

> Q. What can I do to stop the hegemony?
> A. Here's a list of Simple Things You Can Do to Save Apple Computer:

> - Wear Apple/Macintosh garb to show the world that we're not crawling
> into holes and dying.

> - Strike up a conversation with people you see using
> Macintosh--especially on airplanes. Reinforce that they did the right
> thing.

> - When you stay at a hotel, go see if there are Macintoshes in the
> business center. If there is, thank the person. If there isn't, ask why
> not.

> - When you see people using a PC (a dead giveaway of PC laptop is that
> Solitaire is running), ask them if their company forced them to use it.

> - Ask store clerks why there isn't more Macintosh software on the shelves.

> - Ask store clerks why there aren't more Macintosh models for sale.

> - If you hear a store clerk spreading ignorance and lies, wait until the
> clerk has left (usually 45 seconds) and go talk to the customer about
> their computer needs.

> - Check to see that the Macintosh floor models are running and their
> desktops are orderly. Do not, however, sabotage the PCs. This creates bad
> Karma.

> - Forward EvangeList postings to as many people as you can.

> - Write a letter to the publications that publish stupid, insipid,
> inaccurate, and unfair stories. (This will keep you really busy right
> now.) Most journalists are insecure and perceptive: after the 300th
> flaming message, they'll get the picture.

> - Donate your old Macintosh to a school, church, or other not-for-profit.
> Every Macintosh out there sells more Macintoshes.

> - Read MacUser, Macworld (even though the inside back column just isn't
> what it used to be), MacWEEK, and MacToday on airplanes and then leave
> them in the seat pockets for the next passenger.

> - Copy this signature and use it in your own email:

> _______________
> Do you believe in Macintosh? Check out the EvangeList web site at:
> <>.

> ________________
> Do you believe in Macintosh? Learn how to help the cause by subscribing
> to the "EvangeList" listserver by sending an email to
> <evangelist -at- macway -dot- com>. And check out the EvangeList web site:
> <>.

"I Miss Her Sometimes" by Somebody (Revised)

> Yesterday I ran into my old girlfriend
> Then I backed up and ran into her again
> I miss her sometimes.

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