Re: Let Us Test

Subject: Re: Let Us Test
From: Stephen Victor <svictor -at- LGC -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 1996 09:07:12 -0500

Daniel Wise wrote:

> To Steven Victor: If discussions of the crap we have to put up with are not
> relevant to this list, what is? I get bored with all the posts discussing how
> many angels can dance on Bill Gates' head. IMHO, there is more to the life of
> a TW than the latest DTP software, most of which we don't (and probably won't)
> have.

Hmmm, I can't say I recall ever seeing a post discussing how many angels
can dance on Bill Gates' head, at least not on this list. Regarding the
testing thread, which I was addressing in my post, another list member
wrote to me privately asking why I seemed to have a problem with it.
I'll repeat what I said to her:

For writers responsible for describing trips to the grocery store to
purchase particular types of lettuce, the thread is indeed relevant. For
the vast majority of technical writers, however, I imagine that a test
demonstrating the ability to document hardware, software, or mechanical
processes would be more appropriate.

<end quote>

I'm a professional, and my time is valuable. If I went to an interview
and was handed a test about grocery stores or pasta (or peanut butter
sandwiches, as in the last incarnation of this thread) I'd pick up my
things and walk out the door. Writing tests are fine, but for heaven's
sake can't we find tests that aren't so silly?

I hate to sound like such a curmudgeon, but I take my profession
seriously, and I expect prospective employers to do the same.

(short for Stephen, not Steven. If I had a nickel for every time I've
said that...)
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