Re: Terms question: capitalize or not?

Subject: Re: Terms question: capitalize or not?
From: Phil Atkinson <phila -at- INTUITIVE -dot- CO -dot- UK>
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1996 17:00:04 +-100

I'm sorry but (IMHO) you are wrong. In theory there could many webs or many internets. In this context, however, these terms refer to world-wide devices that are, in this case, unique and well defined. The fact is that when we use the terms (the) Internet or (the) Web we are using these terms as proper nouns and as such they should be capitalised. The fact that the Internet is an internet and the World Wide Web is a web is an unfortunate side issue that I feel is clouding some people's opinions on this issue.

- Phil

From: Eric Haddock[SMTP:eric -at- ENGAGENET -dot- COM]
Sent: 18 September 1996 15:45
Subject: Re: Terms question: capitalize or not?

>I would capitalize Web and World Wide Web since they are proper
>nouns (it refers to a very unique and specific web)

I disagree and here's why: The web isn't any more unique or specific than
general broadcast radio. Sure, that kind of radio differs from say
electromagnetic signals from space but that doesn't make it a proper noun.
The web and radio are very much the same--enough so that they're both
common nouns, not proper. Context makes it entirely obvious as to what one's
referring to. If for example you talk about getting information on the
radio, it could only mean broadcast radio, not the aforementioned from-space
radio (and neither radio is capitalized). If you talk about information,
people, and "the web" it could only mean the internet kind of web, not
filaments from spiders.

-- Eric (^_^)

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"Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words."
-- Mark Twain

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