Re: PDF Files Are BMPs?

Subject: Re: PDF Files Are BMPs?
From: David Somers <David -dot- SOMERS -at- ST -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996 13:43:55 +0200


The problem is you have an HP PostScript printer driver which is
putting the PJL code at the start of your print jobs to tell an HP
printer to switch from PCL mode to PostScript mode.

Best thing to use is something like the PostScript driver for an Apple
LaserWriter II/NTX printer, which is about as vanilla as you can get
(no nasty *device dependent* stuff placed in its output stream to
confuse the Acrobat Distiller).

Happy distilling,

David Somers
david -dot- somers -at- st -dot- com
(Usual disclaimer - speaking for myself and not ST)

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Subject: Re: PDF Files Are BMPs?
Author: TECHWR-L (TECHWR-L -at- LISTSERV -dot- OKSTATE -dot- EDU) at internet

So, Tim --

> PDF is actually a terribly complex format with several
>layers. Much of it is reminiscent of PostScript, actually. A PDF file has a
>page description, but it also has layers that describe the file, itself.

Maybe you'd know why I get the message from the Distiller, every time I
change a Frame (5.1 for Windows) file to PostScript, that I've got PJL
nonsense in the PostScript file which prevents the Distiller from making a
PDF file. When I'm at work, using Win95, I can open the *.ps file in
Wordpad and remove the first two lines (with the PJL nonsense), and get the
Distiller to work. At home I work in Win 3.1 where the Notepad isn't
capable of taking big files, and I'm simply stuck.

Any illuminations?



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