Re[2]: The World Wide Web vs. webs.

Subject: Re[2]: The World Wide Web vs. webs.
From: Arlen -dot- P -dot- Walker -at- JCI -dot- COM
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 11:43:00 -0600

Here's another term that's frequently used to refer to networks not
connected to the Internet:


Well.... yeah.... but...

It's like saying, "here's another word frequently used to refer to an
edible product placed between two pieces of bread -- peanut butter." You're
right, But.

Some intranets are not connected to the Internet. So you're right. Except
some are. And not every collection of networks which is not connected to
the Internet is an intranet.

Our intranet, for example, is not part of the Internet, yet every machine
on it *is* connected to the Internet. The Intranet servers are not visible
to the Internet, yet they themselves *can* see the Internet. And I think
I've probably just described 80% or more of the intranets out there.

An "intranet" is a word for a network (not necessarily a collection of
networks; there could be only one network involved) which serves
information up to a smaller group of clients, as opposed to the entire
world. Usually this beast uses http for its main protocol, but that doesn't
seem to be required; Notes could just as easily form the communications

An "internet" is, by definition, a collection of two or more networks (it's
a shortened form of the word "internetwork") which pass data back and
forth. There is no implication made about protocol; you can have an
internet based on LocalTalk, if you're patient enough.

An "intranet" can also be an "internet." But it may not. Just like the
peanut butter may be on bread. But it could also be found on celery. ;{>}

Have fun,
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