???s on Web-weaving

Subject: ???s on Web-weaving
From: Chuck Beck <cbeck -at- BGNET -dot- BGSU -dot- EDU>
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 08:19:38 -0400


Sorry to bombard all of you with yet another informal survey/questionnaire.
(Having been on this list for some time now, I well aware of how often these
kinds of things are asked. But I know what a terrific group this can be at
responding to such things, which is why I am emboldened to put this out there.)

A fellow student and I are conducting an informal survey for an independent
study on the construction and use of Web pages. We are particularly
interested in corporate/organizational practices for designing and editing
Web pages, either Internet or intranet. If you are involved in any way with
the design and editing of Web pages for a company or organization, we'd like
to hear from you.

Specifically, the kinds of questions we are raising at this point are:

1) Does your company or organization have an established style guide (or
section within a style guide) for Web pages, either Inter- or intranet?

2) If so, what are some of the editing concerns you have had in creating and
maintaining corporate Web pages? What about issues that came up in creating
or establishing the style guidelines for Web page creation?
Has your company established a corporate identity--a signature, if you
will--for its Web pages? Have you used any devices or techniques to create a
consistent corporate look to your Web pages? If so, how and what? If not,
why, in your opinion?
We are also interested in knowing what traditional (i.e., hard copy)
editing concerns you feel are *not* at issue in Web page publishing, as well
as those concerns which are *unique* to Web page publishing (vs. hard copy).

3) If you *don't* have or use an established style guide for Web page
creation, have you thought about it corporately? What kinds of discussion
have you had within your organization on the subject (if any)? If you made a
conscious decision to *not* use a consistent style guide, why?

Feel free to elaborate on any of these questions, or even to answer
questions on the subject we didn't know enough to ask. (In other words, feel
free to make up and answer your own questions on the subject.)

Hope to hear from many of you--we can use all the help and input we can get.
You might want to respond privately, however, so as not to clog up the
bandwidth--and if there is enough interest, I can/will post the results of
this informal survey to the group.

Chuck Beck
cbeck -at- bgnet -dot- bgsu -dot- edu

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