a framemaker issue ... or is it?

Subject: a framemaker issue ... or is it?
From: John Stamps <stampsj -at- REMEDY -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 06:48:31 -0700

Hi yall --

I have a FrameMaker question, though there might be some different OR better OR
unexplored answers to our question. We are revising our templates and we want
to create a Frame paragraph tag for procedures. Currently we use a 4Heading
like this:

To perform the SQL operation:

Our conviction is that the "To" is helpful to readers because it sets off all
our procedures but is exceedingly unhelpful in a list of procedures. So we're
proposing an alternative: substitute a gerund for "to" and delete the comma, as
in the following:

Performing the SQL Operation

However, the 4Heading and procedures now looks lost on the page, so we wanted
to attach an icon or a zapf dingbat or something in the left margin to
distinguish all our procedures.

But we ran into some problems:

* We'd like to use an icon but the advanced properties only lets you attach the
anchored frame either above or below the line. We think it looks funky. We want
it right on the 4Heading line! You can attach a frame to a tag but there's no
way that I can see to keep it in the left margin. (I have to go into the
Anchored Frame dialog box and manually choose whether to put the side farther
from or closer to the page edge. This isn't an acceptable solution.)

* Zapf dingbats work just fine, but none of the zapf dingbats IMHO are cool
enough or distinctive enough to merit using to distinguish our procedures. I
thought a sideways triangle would be reasonably OK but there are no zapf
sideways triangles!

But maybe there are some alternatives? Any other ideas or suggestions????? Or
maybe our Frame knowledge or experience is deficient?

I'm not ashamed or too proud to solicit, steal, borrow, or beg ideas! Like T.S.
Eliot once wrote, "Talent imitates, but genius steals!"

jean robert etamps l'orthodoxe cou rouge

St John The Exorcist of UNIX/NT Daemons
aka John Stamps Remedy Corporation
Senior Technical Writer 415-254-5309

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