FW: Looking for Copyright info

Subject: FW: Looking for Copyright info
From: "Higgins, Lisa R." <eilrh -at- EXCHANGE -dot- WCC -dot- LUCENT -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 15:04:00 -0400

There are a number of legal issues surrounding the internet that have
yet to be tested, and this is one of them. A company called (??) Banyan
(??) is currently attempting to sue a guy who has a link to their
website, but nothing has come of it so far. Search for the Stalker's
Page for more information--I don't have the URL here at work.

IMO, it won't happen. I will continue to link to external sites without
their permission. As far as I'm concerned, it's no different than
providing someone with the ISBN of a book or directions to a store.

The POINT of the web is that there are a jillion paths you can take to
get information. It would be just plain stupid to start limiting what
you can link to. It would virtually eliminate critical links (click here
to tell Kinko's to go to hell, follow this link to the ugliest web page
ever, etc.)

From: Chris Hamilton
Subject: Re: Looking for Copyright info
Date: Thursday, September 26, 1996 2:18PM

Louise Dedekian wrote:

> Do you need to get permission from the organization or corporation whose
> page you want to link to prior to placing a link in your own Web page?

A couple of months ago, I read of a bill in Georgia that would make it
illegal to connect to another web page without prior permission. I know
that it was in the Legistlature and that Governor Zell Miller seemed to
favor it. The wording of the article seemed to indicate that no other
state had this law. I don't know what happened to this bill or whether
it was signed. If you held a gun to my head and forced me to guess, I'd
say, based only on the tone of the article, that no current law requires
this. It probably doesn't hurt to do it, though. Even if you send an
e-mail to each company and they don't reply, you can at least prove that
you asked.

If I find anything else out about this Georgia bill, I'll post it.


Chris Hamilton, Technical Writer
Greenbrier and Russel
chamilton -at- gr -dot- com

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