The Right Stuff - Final Keirsey Temperament Survey Results

Subject: The Right Stuff - Final Keirsey Temperament Survey Results
From: "Gravlin, Bob and Betty" <rbg -at- TETRANET -dot- NET>
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 20:54:41 -0500

Fellow Techwhirlers,
Here's the final results of my survey:

Type Qty. Type of writing enjoyed:

ENFP 1 Order out of chaos
XNFP 2 Editing, marketing, PR
ENFJ 1 Editing
INFJ 5 Writing from scratch, editing
NF total = 16

ENTP 3 Exploring, outlining, drafting
ENTJ 7 Evolving software, instructional design, editor
INTJ 5 Very Technical docs, editing, online docs
INTP 2 Writing for programmers, design docs
NT total = 17

ESTJ 3 Organizing information, user & service manuals
ISTJ 5 Explaining concepts, indexing, production work
ISTP 1 Editing
ST total = 9

ISFJ 1 Integrated circuits design
SF total = 1

XXTP 1 trucking industry durability test

ENXP 1 OS internals
Total responses = 44

The Extroverts have 16, the introverts have 25. There are 3 X (equal extrovert & introvert). The general population is 50/50. This result makes sense because
we have to be extroverted to gather information, but introverted to concentrate & write. Introverts are better at concentration than extrovert.

The most significant result is that the NF and NT are the largest groups with 33 out of 44 responses. This makes sense because the N group are the creative people. They represent only 20% of the general population while we are 75% N. The N's in the survey tend to like creative work. This explains why there are so many musicians and poets in the profession. The S's are more technical and detail-oriented than the N's. There were 10 S's, and 1 X (equal). Programmers, engineers, and accountants are mostly S's. Maybe this explains why
we don't understand them and they don't understand us. The world of work needs all types

There are 17 F's vs. 27 T's. F's are the feeling people who care about the needs
of others (isn't that one of the things that's great about the profession!), while the
T's are the analytical, fact oriented people. F's do well at caring for the needs of end users.

There are 17 P's vs. 27 J's. The perceivers are the people who like to keep options open, keep looking for more facts, like long-term projects. The J's are very
decisive, are comfortable with deadlines, like to bring an end to things as soon
as possible. J's see black and white, while P's are more comfortable with
shades of gray, being late, and long term projects.

The largest groups were INFP=7, ENTJ=7, INFJ=5, INTJ=5, and ISTJ=5. INFJ is known as the most common writing personality profile. INFJ's are more commonly creative writers. I was
surprised that the INFP was the largest group. My husband is INFP and he does not like
to write, though he does it well. He's a social worker.

You may also see a correlation between the temperament type and the preferred type of work. I'm glad somebody likes to do very technical docs, editing, and indexing. I don't like it at all. I appreciate differences when the strengths are complementary.

If you are interested in your type, take the online Keirsey Temperament Sorter test at:

Thanks to all who responded. I enjoyed hearing from all of you. I hope you find this as interesting and fun as I did. This is the final result.
Betty Gravlin, a total INFJ

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