Document size?

Subject: Document size?
From: Jane Bergen <janeb -at- ANSWERSOFT -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 17:59:57 +0600

Ok...ok....this is getting completely ridiculous now. I have a 66 page
document, containing about 50 bitmap graphics (screen shots, etc all
fairly small.), all 256 colors or less. A table of contents and a
small (1.5 pages) index. No tables. Only two fonts (Arial and
Palatino). The file is nearly 6 megs! Do the Word gurus on this list
have any words of wisdom? I'll listen to about anything, but here's
what I tried already:

* Saving it with a different name.
* Ensuring that all revision tracking is turned off.
* Ensuring that Fast Save option is turned off.

Would converting the bitmaps to wmf files be worth the effort? To
black and white (I'd have to talk hard and fast to our marketing
department to get this one passed)?

As a technical writer balancing multiple manuals, backups of
documents, and related documents, I'm quickly running out of disk
space. Do any known viruses bloat files like this?

I know that Word keeps track of all the revisions (and there are many,
of course) but can't someone figure out a way to throw all that
unnecessary stuff out?

Thanks for any help (or sympathy) you might give.... I'm
cross-posting this to the Tech Writer and Word lists. Sorry, but I'm

Jane Bergen
Jane Bergen, Technical Writer
janeb -at- answersoft -dot- com
AnswerSoft, Inc.

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