Backups (was Re: Concept Macro Virus)

Subject: Backups (was Re: Concept Macro Virus)
From: Kat Nagel/MasterWork <katnagel -at- EZNET -dot- NET>
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 1996 21:20:22 -0400

David Jones wrote:
>On 27 Sep 96 at 15:10, George F. Hayhoe wrote many good points about
>avoiding or preventing virus infections. I just append one small


Five levels of backup <grin>?
And I thought -I- was obsessive!

I only keep -three- levels of backup, in addition to the
main doc, for active projects:

Original file on internal hard drive
Backup1 on Zip ("Current Projects")
Backup2 on Syquest cart (Current Projects Backup)
Backup 3 on Zip (project archive, kept with project files)

At least once a month I do a full system backup, and delete
completed docs from my hard drive. At this point, I still have
four copies of each file.

After a project is over, I copy the final version of each important
deliverable (and all correspondence) onto a client archive Zip cart,
which I keep in a seperate Client History file. (The project archive
cart still has every draft, all background material, and related files.)
Then I delete everything relating to that project from my my hard drive.

When my Current Projects discs are full, I drop off the oldest
completed project to make room for new stuff. The client
archive and project archive stay around forever (so far), so I
always have 2 copies of important stuff.

Eventually, of course, I run out of storage space, and reluctantly
dispose of some of my oldest files (paper and electronic). This is
always traumatic.

My husband claims that nobody else could possibly be that
particular about backups. I say that anyone who has ever fried
files in a system crash, or who has ever lost their single backup
disc, will develop a neurotic coping mechanism or two.

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