Re: Copying entire posts--please stop, hmmm?

Subject: Re: Copying entire posts--please stop, hmmm?
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 09:39:00 -0600

Eric Haddock wrote:

"Check your email program and ask yourself--is it necessary to quote an
_entire message_ including the full header, signatures, and TECHWR-L
footer material?"

(Soapbox pulled out from under desk)

Bravo, Eric! I second the motion. I am on several lists (both fun and
work-related) and the most readable of the lot is the fun one, which has
very strict rules for posting. The most important rule is to never quote
more than 4 lines from any other post at a time. This is enough to remind
other listmembers what the previous post was about and acts as a
lead-in to your own comment.

Repeated violations of the 4-line quote rule gets you no-posted for a
week (this list has a very strict Listmommy!). While some folks complain,
for those listmembers who are charged by the line this is a godsend. And
it does make reading posts so much easier! (The list has other "volume"
rules, such as not having a sig more than 5 lines. I personally got
no-posted for a week for having a 6-line sig, oops, so I know the little
rules keep the listies very honest!)

So please, please--if you can avoid it, excerpt what you want to
comment on--don't repeat the whole thing.

(Soapbox pushed back underneath desk.)

Nancy Kaminski
Fairview Hospital and Healthcare System

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