Re: Word 7: Is it a hog?

Subject: Re: Word 7: Is it a hog?
From: Iain Harrison <iharrison -at- SCT -dot- CO -dot- UK>
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 1996 13:24:05 GMT

Steve Jong asks:

We are slowly upgrading the PCs in our department. We moved to Windows 95;
now we seem to need Word 7 (for RoboHELP 95). But the hardware is still a
The question is: Is Word 7 such a resource hog that we have to scratch for
a Pentium-class machine? Or can we reasonably hope to use the software on
the machines we've got? Money's tight... 8^(

Absolutely not!

Until win95 rolls out here (next week - it has been 'next week for months
now), we're using Word6 on win 3.11, and suffering the usual resource
shortages, system crashes and limited number of applications that will run
at a time.

At home, I am happily running win95 and Word7. I can load everything I use,
and leave it loaded. It is stable, fast and much more user-friendly.

The Word 6 / win3.11 machine at work is a 100MHz Pentium with 32MB ram, and
the win95 / Word 7 machine at home is only a 100MHz 486, also with 32MB. It
is significantly faster than the Pentium at work.

Don't be fooled by the sales hype. A 486 may not outperform a Pentium, but
as long as you have at least 16MB ram, you should see an increase in your
machine's performance as a result of switching to win95, as long as you
ignore the start-up time.

I reboot my machine at home once a fortnight, and it seems a slow process!


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