Re[2]: Word 7: Is it a hog?

Subject: Re[2]: Word 7: Is it a hog?
From: Iain Harrison <iharrison -at- SCT -dot- CO -dot- UK>
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 1996 15:59:31 GMT

To my:

>I think that Word 7 is probably the first new release of software that MS
>has released that added virtually no new functions. The difference between
>Word 6 and Word 7 is that the latter works.
>Yes, there are _some_ new features, notably the improved spell checker,
but >clearly this version has NOT been driven by marketing, unless
marketing are >now pushing for reliability rather than added functionality.

Wolf replies:
Let's see: You say Word 7 has no new functions--and then say it has new
features--as a means of rebutting my statements, yet nothing in my post was
about *new* functions at all. It's nice of you to congratulate Microsoft
for coming up with nothing new, but I can't say that is something I get
very excited about.

And once again fails to comprehend my writing.


I didn't say Word 7 has no new functions. I said "added virtually no new
functions" I later said it has "_some_ new features".

I read your comment "But that's what you get when you get a company driven
by marketing." as referring to new features.

If you didn't mean that, were you implying that Microsoft hadn't added
features, but had just added new bugs at the request of the Marketing

Frankly, what you write suggests that you don't actually have much
experience of the differences between Word 6 and Word 7.

As I very clearly stated, there is something very important about Word 7.
It works! If that isn't something you get excited about, perhaps you would
prefer some more features that don't work, aren't needed, and mangle your
files? I'm sure some software developer would be able to supply these. For
once, Microsoft aren't the guilty party. They certainly were in the past!

FWIW, I agree with you about Word on the Mac.


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