Re: Summary: GB Initialism

Subject: Re: Summary: GB Initialism
From: WRONECKI Frederic DG <frederic -dot- wronecki -at- FRANCETELECOM -dot- FR>
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 1996 19:42:54 +0200

Karla McMaster wrote :
> Stacey pointed me to a wonderful online computer dictionary:

I tried it, of course, but found an incredible bug. Here's the excerpt (I
swear I haven't changed a letter !) :

> The abbreviated forms of these prefixes (k, M, G for kilo-, mega- and
giga- and m,
> Greek letter mu, n, p, and f for milli- through femto-) are common in
electronics and
> physics.

> k, M and G are also common in computing where they stand for powers of two
> often than powers of ten. Thus "MB" stands for megabytes (2^20 bytes). In
> the unit is often dropped so one may talk of "a 40K salary" (40000
dollars) or "2M of
> disk space" (2*2^20 bytes).

> Note that the formal SI metric prefix for 1000 is "k"; some use this
strictly, reserving
> "K" for multiplication by 1024 (Kb is thus "kilobytes").

(source :

Yes, you have read this : MB for megabyte and Kb for kilobyte : typo ?

PS : Note that there is no entry for megabit.

Frederic Wronecki
France Telecom, Paris, France
mailto : frederic -dot- wronecki -at- francetelecom -dot- fr

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